Friday, August 18, 2006

A Day at the Zoo

Last Monday, 14th August was a great day. I took Emily, Carly and Caitie, our grandchildren, to the Fort Wayne Zoo. It is but a short drive to the west side of town to reach the Zoo that is located in Franke Park.

I had no sooner purchased the tickets to gain entry and the three girls were off at high speed. They just love a visit to the zoo. We visited several varieties of Monkeys, wallabies, kangaroo, sea lions, alligators, penguins, the two giraffes and the small herd of zebra. Not to be missed were the farm animals, they just love to feed the goats and, careful in this area because the goats will eat the clothes off your back given half a chance.

The girls each had a pony ride and then it was time for lunch at Subway. After lunch we walked through the Indonesian rain forest and the Australian nocturnal exhibit to see the bats. Finally it was time to go home - we had a fun day and were certainly ready to put our feet up, at least I was.

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