Friday, August 11, 2006

Spring Surprise

Surprising things happen when you don't keep the undergrowth in the woods neatly mowed. This spring, what with one thing and another, I never got the mower started for the annual clean up. As time went on, the weeds and grass grew and brought forth some beautiful flowers, one of the prettiest of which is Selene Virginica. I couldn't resist taking this picture and sadly reflected on what I must have missed previously by diligently mowing the grass and keeping my woods tidy.
The moral is that if we leave things alone and let nature take its course, wonderful things can happen! As it turned out, this little beauty is actually a native of Kentucky and was probably just on vacation. Click here for information overload.

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Unknown said...

Saw you stopped by our blog and am returning the favor. Are you shipping the SOB to Europe permantently? Will be seeing you in FL in Jan and keep up the bloggings now that you have nothing else to do :-)