Monday, September 24, 2007

We're all going to the zoo... (With video)

Fort Wayne sometimes bills itself as the City of Attractions although I often wonder whether the "s" on Attractions is really justified since the entire list of attraction is pretty much the Children's Zoo. The Zoo, however, certainly qualifies as an attraction. Designed specifically to entertain children it does a great job and seems to entertain a large number of adults as well, judging by the number of non-parents that buy season tickets each year. Anyway, the local Photographic Club had it's annual pilgrimage there last weekend, with entry permitted an hour before official opening, and we went along to check out the beasties. At present, and up through 2009, the African Veldt area is under reconstruction but several of the associated exhibits are still accessible. Following are the year pictures of the more accommodating critters that we encountered, starting with the birdies. For a three minute video tour instead, click the arrow at the bottom of the first image.

Quick Video Tour

This irascible looking fellow came all the way from Australia... did this good-looking guy

Also from down-under, this cuddly egret...

...and this embarrassed looking ugly duck

The Black Stork from eastern Europe can
have a wingspan of up to six feet

A Red Tailed Hawk from North America - or
so he says - I never did see his tail

A Canadian Goose (thought to be a day visitor himself)

One of numerous moth-eaten Peacocks

A Dingo from Australia

A HUGE farm horse out for breakfast

Lunch time! (Actually, it was only 10:00 AM)

This seductive little temptress probably
thought we were from Hollywood

These guys were excitedly chatting
about the days anticipated rides

Is there any such thing as a Wallaby Hymn Book?

What a Grumpy Monkey!

Not sure what this one is, but it was
spotted acting suspiciously on the Veldt

Another interloper! This guy had his entire family at the Zoo

My personal favorite - the dinosaur hatchings, where else?