Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank goodness that's all over!

2008 that is. Since Thanksgiving we have been in a maelstrom. Thanksgiving was at our place with all the US family except Air Force grandson in Wyoming and middle daughter slaving away in England. Turkey (or cook - me) was sub-standard but most everything got eaten anyway so I still claim it as a win.
Then the weather went really bad - cold, cold, cold, so we snuck off to the Caribbean for a while to hasten the onset of Christmas - blogs coming up.
Christmas was also at our place, this time with middle daughter but still without USAF grandson. Turkey was great and, after everything was eaten, everyone went home. Funny how that works. Pictures here for the bravehearted.

England daughter went back to the old country so we left town for the winter. So far, made it to Macon, GA but still have not escaped the winter - 31 degrees tonight, quite a hoot this far south to see the locals deal with such frigid times. Monday, the Lazydays' blacksmiths will continue hastening the entropy of our coach as they blunder their way through our punch list. Given that they get done before April we will be heading somewhere, otherwise we'll be heading home. At least there will be a chance to catch up on '08 blogs. Do have a GREAT 2009!