Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My First Electric Vehicle...

With all of the clamor regarding diminished global reserves of  fossil fuel, the developing threat of bovine flatulence incinerating us all and the fact that I passionately dislike filling my car at the gas station, the time suddenly seemed right to explore an all electric vehicle. 

Now, unless you have a really, really long extension cord, it is necessary to install a battery to provide the motive power for any such form of transport. Two battery models were available, big, shown here and huge shown below.

This is the base vehicle, a magnificent tricycle in Toy Town Red with a dashing front fender and big shiny handlebars.

Here it is again with the battery installed. Exciting Eh? I chose the HUGE battery because the nice man in the bike shop said "With that battery, you will be able to ride anywhere without fear or favor"

Certainly, from my excursions so far, he was absolutely right! Now, if I could just get it to stay on the road...