Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 POA Election at Florida Grande

I feel honored to have been nominated as one of this year's candidates for the position of POA Director. Whoever prevails at next Thursday's meeting will have the responsibility of being your eyes, ears and voice in our dealings with the new developer and the outside world.
Since many of you have little or no idea of who I am, I have included a brief biography below.
"If you chat with me you might guess I was not born in the US, but in England. Marian and I met in the mid-fifties in a cycling club in England and we have been running around together ever since - the last 50+ years as a married couple.
In the seventies we had an opportunity to come to the US and promptly did just that. We emigrated with our three daughters and became US citizens in the early eighties. Our daughters have since rewarded us with six grandkids, two great-grandsons and another two "on the way".
After adjusting to our new way of life, we had the great good fortune to live the American dream, eventually retiring in 2006. We began motor-homing in a Pace Arrow in 1991 and have worked through a variety of vehicles over the last 20 years. At the present time we RV about 8 months each year - 5 or 6 in the US and 2 or 3 in Europe. 
We have lived in Indiana for the last 16 years and spend time there in between our travels. Early in 2010, while roaming around Florida in our RV, we stumbled across Florida Grande, bought a lot and the rest is history." 
Don't forget however, the POA Election is like any other election - if you want to be represented, you must choose your candidate and then vote!
Even if you are not on site you can still vote. Print the POA Proxy Ballot that was included with the Notice of Meeting letter that was emailed to you on March 15th. Fill this form out and mail it immediately to:

Florida Grande POA 
9675 SE 49th Terrace,
Webster, FL 33597 

We currently have a great opportunity to move the park forward and rekindle the original vision - let's not waste it!