Friday, December 29, 2017

Orlando Christmas, 2017

Christmas day turned up as a somewhat brisk, but sunny morning, just right for a troll around downtown to see what was happening. Beginning at Lake Eola Park, we spiraled outwards taking in the sights. as we went.
Lots of people were about, all with similar notions of enjoying the relaxed atmosphere on a bright and festive day. Thrilled to report that the exclusive greeting heard from numerous strangers was "Merry Christmas" with nary a single PC "Happy Holidays" to mar the mood. Thankfully, Joe Public, at least, seems to have their act together. 
Overall, an Excellent Adventure! Click here for slideshow.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cape Breton Island is on the Atlantic coast of Canada and part of the province of Nova Scotia. Although geographically separated from the Nova Scotia peninsula by the 1-1/2 mile wide Strait of Canso it is physically connected to it by the Canso Causeway. 
Sydney, founded by the British in 1785, was the island's capital until 1820 at which time Cape Breton was merged with Nova Scotia and the capital became Halifax. The town enjoyed rapid population growth after the turn of the 20th century when it became was home to the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation  and the town was incorporated as a city in 1904. Later, during both the First and Second World Wars, Sydney became a major staging area for England bound convoys and these activities also contributed to growth. 
Following World War II, however, the steel mill and mining industries declined and the port activity decreased overall culminating in the loss of city status in 1995. Although the local and national governments nationalized the steel mill in the mid-sixties it continued it's decline and was finally closed in 2001. 
Currently the economy is largely supported by a miscellany of customer support call centers and tourism. Also housed on the island are five reserves for the Eskasoni, Membertou, Wagmatcook, Waycobah, and Potlotek tribes of the Mi'kmaq Nation. See slideshow.