Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A narrow escape

Having finally dispelled the last of the contractors and enjoyed a brief family get together, we decided to get out Dodge while the going was good. The weather was pretty much in the twenties and we had had a little snow as the picture here, on our day of departure, shows. So we hitched up the toad and fled south as fast as the speed limits would carry us!
With frosts snapping at our heels for a day or two we bravely soldiered on. In the meantime, the weather in Fort Wayne steadily deteriorated, getting colder and colder with occasional snow. This morning it was 1 degree Fahrenheit and heading toward negative numbers for the weekend. Meanwhile, in central Florida, today is going to be a raw 65 degrees and we have to wait until tomorrow for some high seventies. Bring it on!

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