Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back from the Dark Ages

Thirteen countries, four thousand miles and five thousand photographs later, we arrived back in the US, land of good food, relaxed living and Internet. Of the thirteen countries, the combined land area and the combined population of three of them are less than the land area and population respectively of little old Rhode Island! As for European cuisine, forget it! Despite numerous forays into indicated restaurant districts, we managed no more than three or four enjoyable meals during the entire trip. The remainder of the offerings, while not good, were certainly not cheap!
The map below gives a rough outline of where serendipity took us - just click on it for more detail.
In addition to weight restrictions, width restrictions and height restrictions we traversed grades as steep as 25% and climbed hairpin roads so tight that we had to perform three-point-turns at some of the corners. Overall, the little wagon took all of this in her stride and produced a useful 23 MPG to boot - just as well with diesel prices at around $5.50 per gallon. Other posts will be dated as they happened and will appear below this post. More to follow...


Unknown said...

Your travels seem to be most enjoyable. I must really get out more. Also, the layout of your blog (where you insert pictures, and the kind of pictures etc.) appeals to me.

If you'd like an interesting read sometime, maybe you will find things to enjoy on my blog too. Check it out if you have time and feel like it, at http://earnestanyway.blogspot.com


Earnest Anyway

Vicki and Don said...

Have checked many times to see where you were so I'm glad to see you're back in the U.S. and updating us on your travels! When you are recuperated...Don and I will have a spot available (well in about 6 months or more) for you to stop on your way south or wherever! Of course, you have to come to Arkansas! Off to read some more of your adventures!

Unknown said...

Pete & Marion,
Enjoyed seeing Europe through your eyes. You did a great job on the blog very informative and of course with the Pete knack for words.