Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cadiz, Spain

Following another excellent dinner as we left Gibraltar, watched The Bourne Ultimatum and then retired. Next morning, we found ourselves in Cadiz, on the Atlantic coast of Spain, a short walk away from downtown Old Town. Cadiz is quite small and pretty much the real thing as far as authentic old buildings, neighborhoods and ambiance are concerned. Roughly circular and almost completely surrounded by water, at about 3/4 mile in diameter it provides a good day of walking to see all the sites.

Cadiz has been a port for more than 3,000 years and had numerous masters over that period. The Romans bagged it about 230 BCE but, with the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Vandals and then the Visigoths both had a whack at it for a while. The longest running tenants were the Moors who brought their Islamic faith from Africa and thwarted all-comers for several centuries. Ultimately, and coincidentally, Ferdinand and Isabella ousted the Moors in 1492 since when it has remained Spanish.

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