Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All Aboard!

Woke up this morning and realized today was the day to go to Europe and make like a tourist. Whoopee! This year we only packed about twice what we are likely to need - last year was close to four times - and ended up with two small cases and a couple of backpacks for toys. Daughter III, Marika, kindly ran us to the airport in her art deco Mini Cooper, so the minimal baggage paid immediate dividends inasmuch as it all went in the car along with us old dears.
Presumably because we look so expendable, we were assigned to the very back row - lucky 13 no less - of an absurdly small airplane for the 23 minute trip to Cincinnati which took a little over an hour. Airlines must use really big minutes if you ask me.
Anyway, Marian became immediately and completely absorbed in the Sky Mall book, so I cast about for something to do and fell into conversation with a nice little number across the aisle.
Thinking I was on to a good thing, I began to wonder how I could convince her there was life in the old dog yet when she revealed to me that she was 90 years of age - darned cradle snatchers! - I hate it when that happens.
What an amazing lady though. More energy than the two of us put together, has lived all over the world and was currently off visiting grandkids in Utah and California. Left us both feeling quite jaded and determined to do better.
We're now thralling to the delights of Cincinnati Airport for four hours waiting to board Air France for England and beyond.

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Vicki and Don said...

For some reason I was deluded and thought they left out the row 13...or is that only on elevators? Anyhow, have a wonderful trip! I'll be anxious to read your reports. I'm one of those that lead a boring, uneventful life and have to live vicariously through your blog! Wanna take us along on one of your next European vacations?