Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lazydays, Hazy days...

"Oh my, what a cutie!" I heard my little bride cry.
Sadly, she was not talking about this little fellah on the right, found lounging around in a
Lazydays' waiting room. Rather, with laser-like focus, she was heading out into the swamp where she had espied her sparkly new coach. Today, ten days later, the coach load of parts shipped by Monaco has been more or less assembled into a working RV by the unhurried hands of the Lazydays blacksmiths. Such a fulfilling experience - a perfect manifestation of the monkeys and typewriters approach. Good job, one supposes, that not much else is going on. In the middle of last week, 75 technicians were laid off, the huge RV display area is all but deserted and Rally Park has probably 40 of the 300 plus spaces occupied. Tough times in Seffner City.
For more of this moving experience, click here.


Vicki and Don said...

Loved the pictures...especially the U-haul! How we can relate to that! We looked JUST like that when we picked up our coach in 2005! Glad that the error was found BEFORE you left Florida for parts unknown! Safe travels! Can't wait to see the new coach in person!

Unknown said...

Nice coach loved the pictures too. Isn't is so much fun to move things around we did it twice at LD!!!! But I suppose that you didn't indulge yourselves in that little bit of heaven on the second story. How were the omelets?

Enjoy your new coach and yes it does bet staying in hotels.