Sunday, August 24, 2008

World Wide Photo-Walk

Yesterday, there was a world wide photo-walk organized by a photographer and author by name of Scott Kelby. No big deal, just an opportunity for photo-freaks to get together and wander around town taking pictures, in more of a social humor than might ordinarily be expected from such folk. The walks were concluded by lunch at a local restaurant and pictures, worldwide, will be collected together for selection of the best.
More than 400 cities from 40 plus countries fielded a total in excess of 7,000 photographers, so many snaps must have been taken! With a limit of 50 to each group, larger cities fielded several groups and, hopefully a good time was had by all.
The Fort Wayne mob, shown here, numbered in the forties and, although the forecast rain did not spoil our parade, it was nevertheless oppressively hot and humid. The top picture is a statue of "Mad" Anthony Wayne, the military commander sent to neutralize the Indian threat in the early 19th century and the namesake of the city. With its list of attraction (The Zoo) there is nothing much of note in Fort Wayne but now you can click here to verify what you thought you knew all along.

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