Saturday, January 30, 2010

June 2, 2009 - Caderousse, France

Trolling along the D17 we noticed a 10 feet high sloping wall obscuring our view to the right. Some serious fortifications we thought, gotta check this out. We traced the wall by turning right whenever possible and, after 270 degrees of such turns began to believe there was no opening at all. Finally, near the northeast corner, we came to the first of two openings, each of which were equipped with massive sliding gates. Once inside the mighty wall, we found ourselves in Caderousse, a village of 2,500 inhabitants, built in a former loop of the River Rhone. We shortly learned that the defensive wall was not for military security but was actually built in 1856 to protect against the foolhardy choice of location that visited frequent flooding on the entire area. The Town Hall, built in 1752, serves the secondary purpose of a depth gauge memorializing the extent of various floods. Beyond a Post Office and a couple of stores, there were no other signs industry or commerce in the village. More pictures here.

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