Saturday, August 04, 2018

Hamilton, Bermuda

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Bermuda is one of the fourteen remaining British Overseas Territories and, as such, is self-governing with its own constitution and government which enacts local laws. The United Kingdom retains responsibility for defense and foreign relations. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton, population about 3,600 while the island itself is home to about 65,000 souls. Bermuda lies in the North Atlantic Ocean almost 900 miles due east of Charleston, South Carolina. Its economy is dominated by offshore insurance and tourism.

Juan de Bermúdez, a Spanish sea Captain, was the first European believed to have recorded the islands, hence the name Bermuda. In 1684 the English Crown took over administration and in 1707 the islands became a British colony. Unlike the Caribbean islands to the south, Bermuda feels much more substantial and is certainly less gaudy although there is not much to be accomplished in a 9 hour visit except to gawk at a few buildings. A few of Hamilton's structures can be seen here.

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