Sunday, September 10, 2006

More Court Houses...

Took a little trip in Black Bess to identify what had failed since the last trip. Just couldn't keep away from those Court Houses though, ugly or elegant.
This neo-classical mausoleum at Huntington, IN, built about 100 years ago, seems to have little to commend it. Sitting almost on the railroad in a non-descript part of town it doesn't even bear the name of the County it represents. Probably appropriate.

Much more pleasing is the Whitley County Court House in Columbia City, IN. On a nice square in the middle of town, it anchors the major municipal and commercial features of the city in a graceful and comfortable manner.
By the by, Black Bess only turned up with three gnarly issues - about par for the course.


Unknown said...

What may I ask is Black Bess?

Unknown said...

as you like courthouse check out the one in Butte, MT which we just visited today