Monday, September 04, 2006

Secret rendezvous in Delphi, IN

Marika is away from home for three weeks of grueling training related to her restaurant. To give Eric a break and the kids a diversion, we took the girls on a White Rabbit excursion for the Labor Day weekend. Little did they know that this was a cover for a surprise meeting with Marika on Sunday.
Saturday included a miniature train trip, a ride on a restored, 120 year old Carousel and was capped off with a night at another exotic Wal-Mart, this time in Monticello, IN.
Having learned from our first uncomfortable night in the little RV that could, we had done some reorganization and were pleasantly surprised at how well we slept, even with two youngsters on board. The Navion performed exactly as advertised which we were also happy about. We all dined lavishly on chips, dip, Cocoa Pops, ice cream and assorted candy - a little like a health farm but much more relaxed.
On Sunday we set course for Delphi, another Indiana town left behind in the canal era, and arrived at the secret rendezvous at high noon. There, by the magic of cell phones and GPS was the female parental unit and much joy was shared by all. Following a nutritious lunch of pizza and ice cream, we all went for a pleasant stroll along the Wabash river. Three thirty, and it was time for farewells all over again. Marika headed west, back to Illinois, and we went east to Fort Wayne and home.
A nice day was had by all.

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