Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Emotional Parting...

This week, after what seemed like interminable months of preparation on both sides of the Atlantic, White Rabbit was put into the capable hands of our English visitors, Paul and June.
Between us all, along with the promise of lots of tender loving care, we managed to coax White Rabbit away from Black Bess as she bravely set off on her biggest mission yet. Paul and June, seen here undergoing a crash course of customer humiliation courtesy of Bob Evans Restaurants, have set off on a five month, eighteen state odyssey to explore this wonderful land.
That was two days ago and, having heard not a word from the intrepid trio in the meantime, we have to believe they are having fun and have already forgotten both Black Bess and us.
Marian and I, so distressed by this separation from White Rabbit, sought refuge in fighting over a three scoop turtle in Culvers. It is a difficult time but, somehow, we soldier on.