Sunday, November 11, 2007

High Tech Hide and Seek

Back in August, we borrowed grandchild #4 for a weekend and and lumbered off to the "Midwest Geo-Bash" held in the County Fairground at forgettable Kendallville, Indiana. Turned out to be a pleasant few days - weather in the high seventies, numerous things to please little minds and enough activity that even the grandchild was kept entertained.
So, what does one do at a Geo-Bash? Well, Geocache of course! All that's needed is a hand-held GPS receiver and a visit to this site to identify some local caches, and you're in business. There are LOTS of caches to find - approaching half-a-million worldwide - and plenty of cachers looking for them, with about 275,000 "finds" by nearly 40,000 seekers just in the last seven days.
This last weekend, armed with grandkids #5 and #6, we joined a local cachers event and found nine out of twelve brand new caches hidden especially for the event. Great fun had by one and all and we never strayed more than a few miles from home. Check for caches within five miles of your location - you might be surprised - and next time you see a little herd of nondescripts blundering around under a tree in some forgotten corner, you may actually be witnessing 'cachers in action. One thing for sure, caching certainly puts gourd worship in perspective.


LondonEye said...

What are the names of those beautiful models ?

Unknown said...

As Boy Scouts could do the same thing with a compass and measured steps so what seems to the the problem of having to use a GPS? Have to tell me which GPS you use and how to put captions on the pics. Enjoy the Blog. Will have thoughts for grandson as he serves our country.

Vicki and Don said...

Geocaching sounds like it might be fun! Sounds even better when you get to do it with your grandchildren! :-)

Pete said...

Rod, we use a Garmin 76CSx hand-held receiver - simple enough for the kids to explain to us old guys. As for captions on pictures, we can have a Photoshop session when we get together and all will be revealed!