Saturday, February 07, 2009

Beat the recession with homemade bread

The English guys, Dave and Lynn - they of cool cooking fame, have a Monaco Dynasty with the Nottingham floor plan. This was the actual coach that wooed us into changing out our Signature last year - all due to the Nottingham's great kitchen. Dave and Lynn sometimes travel with four or five people on board and had the kitchen modified to include an oven and a three burner stove top. An oven! What a joy. We haven't had an RV with an oven since 1991 and, apart from an incendiary episode with the convection microwave in our 2000 Country Coach, we had put roasts and baking on the road, out of our minds. Now, at the first opportunity we baked some bread and the oven worked like a charm. Next stop was to check out the convection microwave and - Guess what? - it worked like a charm. These loaves were baked on low-mix at 425 for 25 minutes and turned out just right!

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