Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Brr - Just how far south must we go?

As the weather got colder we kept driving south until there was no more south to go to and still it was cold! That, in a nutshell, is how we ended up huddled around the most southerly point in the lower 48 at the junction of Whitehead and South Streets in Key West, Florida.
While the Keys have always been on our to-do list, the 600 mile journey from the Georgia border through the customary wintertime Florida hordes, coupled with our innate laziness, have always provided ample reason for not bothering. This year however, circumstances ganged up on us and, outside of blatant wimpishness, we simply ran out of excuses. First, we were already at Lazydays having our coach brutalized - a full 1/3rd of the way to the end of the world. Next, some English folk we had met last summer arrived at Lazydays about the same time having booked a site in the keys for a couple of months or so. Finally, with the economy at large holding the populace in some kind of suspended animation, snowbirds were looking like an endangered species and the
formerly "packed" vacation sites were all replete with vacancies. So, off to Bluwater Keys RV Resort it was!
We greatly enjoyed a couple of weeks lazing around with the Brits, swapping tall tales of the Old Country and petting their adorable 140 pound dog Peppa. Better yet, they turned out to be accomplished meal meisters and we had more cooked meals in two weeks than we normally see in a year! The Bluewater Keys site, chosen from England on a whim, was the best we encountered on the 120 mile ride along the string of mud-piles leading to Key West and, overall, the weather was 60 to 80 degrees warmer than Fort Wayne. All in all, a great trip. See memories of Key West here.


Rick Stone said...

Ahh, Key West. We've stood in some of those same spots. We really enjoyed Key West and plan to return some day. (We went down there after leaving you guys after the SEA rally two years ago.) We stayed at the Sigbee Annex to the Naval Air Station.

Vicki and Don said...

Key West is one of the spots that Don can see himself living in (what about Greers Ferry???)! I took pictures of almost all of the same spots just a mere two years ago! Where does the time go to?