Monday, March 09, 2009

Burgos, Spain - May 25, 2008

Burgos, with a population of about 180,000, is the capital of the province of Burgos in the Community of Castilla and Leon. With more ecclesiastical monuments than any other Spanish city, including Toledo, the most precious structure is the Gothic cathedral, which was begun in 1221, and sports features of the 13th to 15th centuries. This awesome building was declared a World Heritage Monument in 1984.
The Burgos area had been populated for as long as 800,000 years ago before the violent millenium that swept across Europe began in abou
t 200 BCE. At that time, the area was Celtiberian but then the Romans moved in and governed the area until they were vanquished by the Visigoths in the 5th century. In the 8th century, the Arabs swarmed the entire area before they in turn, were beaten back by Alfonso the Great in the middle of the ninth century.
A ton of stuff to see in this picturesque city. Check here for more.

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