Sunday, March 29, 2009

St Geniès, France - May 31, 2008

Shortly after leaving Sarlat-La-Caneda, we took a wrong turn and found ourselves on a minor road scarcely wider than Heidi. Not being prone to turning back, we didn't, but instead bravely re-routed to our destination. A few white-knuckle miles later we found ourselves at a crossroad populated by a few buildings which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be the tiny Dordogne village of St Geniès. In addition to a butcher, a garage, a patisserie and a post office there is a 12th century chapel, a 400 year old stone-roofed church complete with Rapunzel turrets and, to top it all, an open-air market every Sunday morning where anything from Turkish delight, to goose neck stuffed with foie gras, can be bought. Details here.

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