Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tomorrow is "D" Day!

"D" for Dutch, that is. Today, we get to run the gauntlet of Swine Flu, as we submit ourselves to that horrifying purgatory, euphemistically marketed as air travel. In my book, there remains not a single redeeming feature of the entire panoply of indignities laughably referred to as jet-setting.
Be that as it may, a one hour trip to Chicago, in zero time (Eastern to Central zone), is our first
treat, followed by four or five hours of R&R in that perpetual construction site, O'Hare. Next, a nine hour assault on the senses while risking deep vein thrombosis, claustrophobia and practicing hyper-bladder control. Finally, the thrill of the cattle pens as one is herded at snails pace through immigration, baggage collection and finally customs before being ejected into the swampy terrain surrounding Schipool Airport in the Netherlands.
By then, it will be 21 hours since we last got up and it will be about 9:00 AM in the morn
ing with a full day ahead. But, all is not lost, as gradually, we should regain contol of our lives. Just have to get to Rotterdam, find our RV - home for the next nine weeks - get it out of storage, get some gas cylinders, electric power cord, food and water, find out how everything is supposed to work, locate a campsite and collapse in an exhausted stupor.
I can't express how much I am looking forward to Friday morning when, if all goes more or less to plan, I will be free to proudly empty our adorable toilet cassette under the admiring gaze of our fellow campers.


Unknown said...

Enjoy the Holiday

Bean said...

Have a GREAT TRIP - and behave yourselves!!

Vicki and Don said...

Once again I'm looking forward to not only reading about your holiday but seeing all the wonderful pictures as well! :-) Travel safe!

Emily said...

I was getting excited about reading about your trip and reading how much fun it was.



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