Friday, July 24, 2009

Wow, that was Great!

Nine weeks, eight countries, countless baguettes, three thousand miles of motoring, 250 miles of cycling and 160 of walking, we arrived home from Europe in denial of some serious weight gain. But, what are treadmills for, if not for taking the smile off one's face while prepping for the next outing :o( Meanwhile, we have about 8,000 photographs to organize and connect with the sixty or seventy cities and sights we had the pleasure of visiting, so at least we have a valid reason for lounging around enjoying the Indiana summer.


Vicki and Don said...

Welcome home! Glad to see you back in the states and can't wait to read about your adventures! Loved the first installment of the "backstories"!

Emily said...

potato chips. chocolate. and milk.

Sounds like a good meal for your first day. ( :

ok, not really.

Marika said...

8000 photos!!!! oh my goodness! thank goodness for digital cameras!