Saturday, July 25, 2009

May 1, 2009 - Provisioning Penny

At 16,000 square miles, the Netherlands is about half the size of North Carolina and is home to 16 million people - somewhere between the population of Florida and Illinois. Geographically, it is a low lying country with large areas claimed from the North Sea. More than 10 million of the inhabitants live in the 27% of the country that is actually below sea level. It is not true that windmills are Dutch attempts at helicopters.
Today, there is serious stuff to do. Must get propane cylinders, shore power cord, big red sign for the bike rack, a roll of anti-skid material for the table and chocolate. As it turned out, all was accomplished with great ease in the suburb of Nieuwegein and we began to feel really secure in our little van, especially now we had chocolate. Although this picture is from Nieuwegein, they had hidden the nice part from our view. 

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Vicki and Don said...

I always look forward to reading your latest "installments"! Now I have Marian's to look forward to as well! You complement each other so well! Keep them coming, I know you have lots and lots to tell! :-)