Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Itchy Feet... - August 15, 2010

Reading notices at the airport
After we got home from Europe at the beginning of July last year we spent a few weeks catching up with the family, fixing items that had failed during our absence and generally relaxing. Not for long. By the end of July we were ready to be on the move again and agreed that another jaunt to England would enable us to cover some other territory that we skipped when we lived there.
Penny re-victualed and ready to go
After a few phone calls and emails we were booked on a flight to Amsterdam, a ferry to England and the reciprocal arrangements for getting back home again. Mid-August was the launch date and end of September was picked as the return since the weather in England can get pretty ratty after that and we'd had enough of that in Europe. 
In line for the Dover ferry
We decided to fly Business Class to try to reduce the the horrors of the flying tube but, in retrospect, it was poor value for money.
Off to the airport, boring journey to Holland, zombie visit to storage facility to collect Penny Pilote, weary shop at the grocery store and then a good nights sleep. Next day, bright and early, off to Calais to catch the ferry to Dover and the adventure was underway.

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