Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Venice, Italy, with a fresh crew - June 6, 2010

It doesn't seem that it was more than a year ago that we hovered around the Marco Polo airport in Veneto waiting to pick up one of our grandchildren and a friend. The girls had left Fort Wayne the previous day to fly to Chicago from where they traveled overnight to Munich, Germany and thence took a two hour flight south to Venice. Weary, but in good spirits, we hauled them off to the campground at Fusina - a short ferry ride from the island of Venice where they quickly - well, eventually - erected the tent that was to be their quarters for the next month. A day's R&R and then it was off to Venice.
Over the years we have made several visits to the City of Light, Venezia, capital city of the Veneto region of Italy. Perhaps it is a combination of familiarity and the slowly declining European economy that has diminished, for us, the appeal and the mystique of this unique city. Grimier, ever more expensive, increasingly regulated and seemingly exhausted, the entire island seems overdue to sink into a watery grave. Doubtless still a revelation for first time visitors the tired old city is fast revealing itself as the anachronism it is. Click here for a guided tour.

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