Sunday, April 01, 2012

FSRA, Herisson, France - June 11, 2011

From its beginnings in 1930s California, when acned young bloods began racing each other light to light, Hot Rodding has matured into an international hobby. The Model T Ford was in vogue when the fad began and since then all manner of roadsters have been lovingly transformed to the will of the owner. Hot Rods were formally organized in the US in 1940 followed by Australia in the 1960s then Britain and Sweden in the 1980s.
In 1991 La France Street Rod Association (FSRA) was established bringing together fans of Hot Rodding in France and promoting it to the public. Since 1992 FSRA has organized national and regional events and it just so happened that a group drove through Herisson while we were there. If you like to see these alter-ego automobiles check them out here.

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