Thursday, April 05, 2012

Montrésor, France - June 14, 2011

The village of Montrésor is located in the department of Indre-et-Loire and is listed as one of the 'Most beautiful villages in France'. There are more than 150 French villages thus designated and the awards are given in part to encourage the inhabitants to conserve their surroundings. Unfortunately, Montrésor is another rural community whose population is now a little over 300 - down from 600+ two centuries ago. In the lower village by the river Indrois are the remnants of the old water mill and the one remaining lavoir - clothes washing facility.
The Chateau de  Montresor  sits on a granite spur overlooking the lower village while the upper village is home to a grand looking church dedicated to St. John the Baptist.
The name Montrésor is attributed by some, to one of the original lords of the village who was the treasurer of Tours cathedral. The "mount of the treasurer" - "mons thesauri" in French - evolved into Montrésor. Likely we will never know for sure. Check out more pictures here.

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