Friday, March 02, 2007

Circling the drain?

Is the Bluebird Over? The Bluebird Wanderlodge, shown here, is built in Fort Valley, GA. Not knowing much about these machines, we stopped by and checked them out.
Although owned by the same private equity company that owns the school bus manufacturer across the street and that also owns National Car Rental and is currently looking to buy Chrysler, one has to wonder whether at least the Wanderlodge is about to go toes up. Knowing that more than 13% of their entire 2006 production run is gathering dust in the parking lot is scary enough, but knowing that they only produced 15 coaches last year is positively frightening. In a good year, they produce as many as thirty vehicles but last year "the guys across the street were having money problems" and 15 was all that came out, according to the salesperson. Hmm. As it was, the floor plans (neither of them) were to our liking while the cabinetry and decor are best seen to be believed. We took the Kinko quality flyers and left.

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