Friday, March 02, 2007

Excitement Overload

Last night, from just after 5:00pm until about midnight, Perry, Georgia, where we are camped, was on and off under Tornado Warnings. The campsite has no contingency plans for such circumstances and possibly the right thing to have done would have been to drive to Wal-Mart and lurk around the northeast corner of the store for six or seven hours. At least, in the Wal-Mart here, that is the automotive and RV supply area - it could have been fabric sales! The storms were traveling northeast at 55 to 60mph making the timing of the 20 minute journey quite precarious so instead, we decided to remain in the coach checking local TV stations, Internet sources and the local NOAA broadcast. Outside of a few coach jarring wind gusts and a lot of torrential rain we lucked out although folk in close by areas did not all fare as well with six deaths and significant property being reported this morning.

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Vicki and Don said...

Glad you were safe in Perry. We know first hand how scary/exciting being too close to those tornadoes can be!