Monday, February 26, 2007

Mission Possible!

But we screwed it up anyway

Today we had a plan. Leave Point A; buy Alpaca yarn; reach Point B; return to former catatonic condition. We made an early start and, since we have not yet learned to live outside, breaking camp was quick and easy - nothing to put away! By noon we were on the road.
The GPS reported 111 miles to go - that's got to be almost halfway to the moon for crying out loud. Feeling ready for a challenge, we decided to give it a shot and hunkered down. The first objective was reached by 3:30pm and by 4:00pm we were stuffed to the gunnels with yards of yarn and ready for our final assault.
That's when things started going pear shaped. An irascible Park Warden balled us out for not phoning ahead, screeched hysterically about the late hour, declared she only had a couple of sites big enough for that thing, pointing a derisive finger at Black Bess and generally stomped around exercising her disagreeable nature. Feeling suitably tongue-lashed, we set off as directed to find our site. Find it we did, following winding, soft sand pathways, often requiring 7 point shunts to navigate the corners, we came to site #30. Unfortunately, without significant deforestation, it would have been difficult to have got White Rabbit situated, let alone that thing. Never fear, a few more hair-raising corners and we regained the parking lot where we are now captive until 8:00am in the morning since Frau Hitler locked the park and left!

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