Monday, February 19, 2007

More than you ever wanted to know... - corrected

A while back, while enjoying the hospitality of Camp Monaco, Vicki Leith posted this picture, snapped in the Monaco Nature Reserve while looking out for the unwelcome attention of alligators. The hanging material is Spanish moss, sometimes call Florida moss with the official name of Tillandsia usneoides.
But wait - there's more! This plant is harvested, packed and sold in those epicenters of excitement like Joannes Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics. Current uses include floral arrangements, mulch and packaging. In the past, this scintillating epiphyte had even more exciting applications. Click here for the full story!


Vicki and Don said...

Just a clarification, it was Vicki, not Don who not only took the picture but posted it and does the blogging. Don is computer challenged at best!

At the time I took the picture I didn't know what it was but thought it looked pretty neat! I was keeping an eye out for the alligator at the same time!

Pete said...

Corrections noted and made.


Vicki and Don said...

Love the credit and the additional verbage! Many thanks! :-)