Monday, February 05, 2007

Well, that was rally easy!

Last night we circled the wagons at the Brooksville Elks Lodge to prepare for the final push to the rally venue. Originally eight in number, adversity triumphed over technology and reduced our ranks to seven with a moribund refrigerator knocking out the Stone's coach which was immediately dispatched to the Wildwood Witchdoctors. To settle our nerves, the rest of us took refuge in the bar to watch the Super Bowl and bolster our courage. This morale booster certainly seemed to work for Bob Rea and Rod Bahnson seen here as Indiana pulled ahead.
This morning, under the able command of wagonmeister Lew Anderson, we set forth in stealth mode toward our objective and, after an exciting dash through downtown Brooksville, arrived without further losses. Another calamity, a failed generator this time, nearly knocked out the Bahnson's coach but they bravely soldiered on and even the Leith's Detroit Diesel completed the eight mile trip without incident. Once inside the perimeter, the coaches were boldly displayed for all to see. Let the adventures begin!

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Vicki and Don said...

Don't know about you, but WE never had ANY doubts that our Detroit Diesel would make it to the rally OR even across the country for any of the rallys we are attending along the way! :-) BTW it's LEITH (spelling)! :-)