Thursday, February 22, 2007

EPA to investigate the Crown Club

Observers have recently studied the effects of Crown Club feeding on Baby Boomers. A correlation has been discovered between extended use of these facilities and the Boomers subsequent athletic abilities. The pictures here, taken three weeks apart, show the effect on one sorry subject who was compelled to feed there three times every day. To alleviate this nutritional nightmare and keep his spirits up, the subject did sneak away a dozen or so times and snatch a few quarts of ice cream and strawberries but clearly, this was not enough to save the day.


Unknown said...

You know what -- Bob & Merabel, Peter & Marian, Ralph & Cindy, Jean, Gail, CC salespeople, CC technicians, my barber, hairdresser, parents to mention a few are all responsible cause it is not my fault that they presented such lucious food every moonet of the day and Jean made me go to Parksdale Farms for strawberries.

Pete said...

Spoken like a true liberal - "it's not MY fault"

Vicki and Don said...

I thought it was getting harder to put my arms around Rod and give him a hug when we met up after his LAST visit to Lazy Days! It's all because he doesn't share! :-)

Do you think you could "work your magic" in reverse on MY picture?