Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Question: How to fit 3000 people in a tent?

Answer: Get a really big tent!
The one shown here is the entertainment tent at the FMCA Rally and is set up to seat about 2,500 people with room at the rear for several hundred more, standing only. Notice that there are no internal supports (poles or pillars) for this large structure - quite a feat. The stage area is at left in the middle of the long side of the tent.
Over the next several evenings there will be much loud talking, music and, hopefully, laughter in here - an excellent time, it would seem, to do some chores :-)
By the way, being creatures of feeble ambition, this morning we measured the length of the row of coaches we looked at yesterday and also counted them (this is really exciting isn't it?). Turns out that the line is actually just about a mile in length and, with the three rows now all filled, this accounts for a little over 500 coaches. Not a lot of people know this!

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