Friday, February 09, 2007

A walk in the park

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park to be more precise.
Five couples decided to take a break from the serious business of retirement and goof off for a day in the park. This particular park is like a casual zoo with loosely structured exhibits comfortably blending into each other. From its origins as a manatee rescue and rehabilitation center, manatees remain a key feature of this compact attraction which is actually built on a spring-fed spur of the Homosassa river. The manatee pictured here lives in the Homosassa river, not in the park, and sadly bears the tell tale scars of being run over by a motor boat some time in the past.
Following a delightful morning strolling among the critters and playing photographers, Marian and I detoured via Weeki Wachee - curious demographics - and Bayport to take even more snaps. A fitting end to a wonderful day was meeting up with everyone else at Pizza Hut and replenishing our cholesterol.
For more pictures of creepy crawlies and other strange lifeforms, click here. To see more details of the pictures on this page, just click on them.

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