Saturday, February 03, 2007

Seen at Lazy Days

We have spent best part of a week at Lazy Days and, all things considered, have accomplished exactly nothing - a splendid result and one that feels exactly right! An enjoyable pursuit we discovered here is following the highs and lows of other peoples coach buying experiences. With more twists and turns than many a soap opera, it is vicarious living at its best - observing the roller coaster of emotions as a major purchase flip-flops between the best thing ever and the worst thing ever. Such an interesting glimpse of the human condition. Anyone who has previously owned a coach knows, with absolute certainty, that they are about to commit a large sum of money to another bucket of worms but there seems no force in creation that can hold them back. What fools we mortals are! Shown here, each caught in a fleeting moment of euphoria, are four such buyers, Greta and Mike from Boston at top in their Tradition and Ralph and Cindy from Cincinnati moving into their new Signature. We wish them all the Best of Luck!
In addition to the delightful folk above, we also met a number of members of various lists that we follow on the Internet. One such couple are Alvin and Marie of Wisconsin who spend their winters in Florida in their Dynasty coach. Next week, they too will be at the rally in Brookesville, and we look forward to seeing them there.

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