Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rally News

The South Eastern Area FMCA Rally does not start officially until tomorrow but, by 9:00am today, Tuesday, there were over a thousand coaches here. We are with a small gang of other Monaco coach owners and share the common bond of the universal love-hate relationship that seems inevitable from coach owners to coach manufacturers. An interesting item spied among the numerous coaches, is what may be the Monaco Corporate Jet, carelessly crafted by unhurried hands in Wakarusa, Indiana.
If, like us, you wonder what 1,000 or so coaches in one place look like, here is three-quarters of a mile of them parked three deep down one of the runways. As usual click on any picture to see a larger version.In the meantime, coaches continue to pour in, filling the central area and beginning on the second runway that we were put on yesterday. Overall, the entire event appears to be very well organized and, after the kick-off tomorrow, there are several seminars that we will visit, a large variety of display coaches for more tire kicking and a huge marquee full of purveyors of useless articles.
For more people pictures, click here.

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