Friday, February 16, 2007

A Prevost Prelude?

Gee, I hope not, but we are going back on Tuesday =:o(
If you are familiar with the children's story called Toad of Toad Hall you will know what happened to Mr. Toad every time he saw a new toy. He just had to have it!
Well, Marian has seen a couple of Prevosts which, as yet I have failed to discredit sufficiently. Like the three bears story, the settees are "just right" as is the bed, the kitchen and even the color schemes.
Here she is plotting against me with the scheming salesman, forewarning him of every thrust and parry but, perhaps most serious of all, in the final picture she has that vacant Mr. Toad look on her face...
I have to come up with something really BIG before Tuesday!


Vicki and Don said...

WOW! They are both beautiful! If you got one of those you would NEVER want to socialize with any of us lowly Monaco owners! Not to mention that you couldn't be members of or attend any of the Monaco rallies!

Should I say "congratulations" yet? Can't wait to see your new motorhome! :-)

Pete said...

The congratulations will be due if I slip out of this with my Signature intact! With only 50,000 miles on it and running soundly on all six, I figure another 3 or 4 years before we do anything so foolish as pony up yet more depreciation.