Monday, February 19, 2007

RV attacked by gang of thieves or Why RVers should stay in doors

Some RVers cling to the notion that RVing is about the outdoor life, back to nature and all that, without a care for the dangers of natures ravages. A case in point. The folk in this story were of this mind and routinely set up tons of stuff on their patio without a second thought. Keeping close to nature, they liked to cook over an open fire but, when fire-lighting time came around they realized they were fresh out of napalm. Unphased, they jumped into their SUV and ran to the store to get some more.
That was when the crooks moved in.

First, a scout looked over the possible spoils and identified a getaway vehicleNext, a lookout was posted The cracksman got busy breaking into various containers
Once the the loot was safely stowed the leader leaped onto the escape vehicle
And the driver took off
All over in a flash and the RVers never new what hit them. The moral of this story? Never put stuff on your patio, stay in doors and the crooks will think you are on vacation.

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Unknown said...

Great story would make a great little children's book. Ever thought of publishing that sort of thing?