Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ozark Interlude

On our way back north to Indiana, we meandered through Arkansas, from the delta country in the south to the Ozarks in the north. My, what a difference a hundred miles can make. Below Little Rock, Arkansas is flat - very flat down by the Louisiana border - while north of Little Rock the terrain is hilly, especially so if you're driving a Class A RV.
The Ozarks, a dissected plain, comprise the southern half of Missouri, including the Branson area, and the northern portion of Arkansas. The entire region is extensively wooded and is enhanced by several large man made lakes developed throughout the twentieth century. Relaxing countryside with numerous peaks around 1,500 feet.
It is on the banks of one such enormous lake, formed by The Greer's Ferry Dam, that Vicki and Don are building Xanadu. This particular dam, incidentally, was dedicated by JFK in 1963 - his last public act prior to his fateful final appearance in Dallas. Acting like retired folk with time on their hands, over the last nine months the Leiths have added features and spaces to their house to such an extent that at one time the builder declared it would no longer fit on the lot. Shown is the rear elevation that faces the lake. Suffice it to say, the end result is going to be magnificent and, with two full service RV pads on site, it is destined to become a popular stopover for itinerant motor-homers. Having been entertained in Vicki's bedroom, with Guinness and chips no less (it was OK, really - her mother was there to see fair play), we returned to the campground to enjoy corned beef and cabbage for Saint Patrick's eve. We retired for the night at about 1.00 am having solved most of the worlds problems.

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Vicki and Don said...

Well it is Don's bedroom as well AND he was there too! :-) Such flattering pictures of myself! Yikes!

Don and I were very glad to have you as guests and of course, you're welcome back at any time!