Saturday, March 01, 2008

Williston, old time Florida

Sometimes referred to as "The Crossroads of Florida", Williston is actually at the intersection where US 27 and US 41 separate again on their journey south. Outside of this rousing achievement not a whole lot goes on in town.

The most exciting shopping opportunity in town
at the local hardware store where a variety
concrete yard ornaments are available

Marian was strangely attracted to this big
fella but, happily, there was no room in
the coach for such a cutie

With a population of 6,000 or so, the most recent excitement
dates back to 1975 when
Foolish Pleasure, a locally born
horse, won the Kentucky Derby. How about that!

Since we were in the market for another coach we
out a couple of sub-prime repo RVs. This one
promised great
gas mileage but needed a lot of work

I also briefly considered a towable but
Marian appeared less than enthusiastic


Unknown said...

hi -- thought you were in sunny warm Florida what is with the coats?

Rick Stone said...

Actual, that towable you were looking at would be a good addition to your Signature and and extra bedroom for guest.

Bob and Marlene Rea said...

A towable like that would make you stand out in a crowd.