Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rabbit attacked and left for dead!

Roanoke, Indiana 21st March - After getting back to Indiana last week, we cleared everything out of the large RV (fondly known as Black Bess) and prepped it for delivery to Lazy Days in Florida. Next up, it was the turn of White Rabbit, the 23 foot Itasca Navion, for gutting and cleaning ready to join the south-bound posse. With a sigh of relief, White Rabbit started on the first crank and all seemed well. However, while disconnecting the shore power, a colorful flood of vital fluids were seen flowing across the driveway from under the vehicle and running into the grass. A quick inspection, accompanied by a fragrant diesel oil shower, revealed a rodent gnawed fuel line, spray-cleaning the entire under hood area, including the exhaust system. Probably not a good thing.
Comes the tow truck. Hauls the little rig up the extended sloping deck and proceeds to retract the deck. Retraction was proceeding nicely except for the deck staying firmly planted on the driveway and the tow truck front wheels ending three feet in the air. Reverse all procedures and exit tow truck.
Second tow truck appears. This time - no mistakes - overkill was clearly foremost in the mind of the dispatcher. This mechanical marvel, intended for rescuing semis and 45 foot RVs - a veritable incredible hulk, was surely adequate to the task. That, alas, will never be known. Short of clearing an acre or two of woods, there was no way to get this leviathan anywhere near White Rabbit.
A pause for the weekend, and the third try was indeed the charm. After twenty minutes of clanking, creaking and wheezing, the third wrecker hauled a dejected White Rabbit off into the distance and we adjourned for more strong coffee. Several hours later we received the formal diagnosis and quickly switched from coffee to Valium.
In addition to two fuel lines being breached, the power steering hoses had been gnawed to pieces as had
the serpentine belt, several air conditioner hoses with the loss of all refrigerant and, as if the varmints needed any assistance, one of the "clanks" heard during the rescue phase turned out to be a frame member that had been crushed. Phew!
The good news is, that of all the parts needed to fix everything, the serpentine belt was actually in stock, everything else has to be ordered. Hurrah for Glenbrook Dodge! The bottom line is about $1,300.00 and the moral of the story is "Don't let your RV play outside on its own for too long."


Unknown said...

If you would only have someone feed the critters whilst you were gone that would not happen. Does insurance cover the feed for rodents?
You mean the Sig is towing the rabbit now what a scene that should be.

Vicki and Don said...

I'm with Rod/Jean on this one! Should have left those critters some food! Thank goodness it wasn't outlandish on the repair bill! It could have been much worse!