Saturday, February 07, 2009

Beach Bums - literally!

Boca Chica Highway, County Road 941 used to run around the southern side of Boca Chica Key. The NAS airfield that now dominates this key was initially constructed in 1940 and, as it has grew and took over the majority of island, the destination for CR 941 was absorbed into the base. Except for the east end of the highway, that serves a surviving residential area, the road has been abandoned and much of it has been recovered by nature.Several miles of public right-of-way still run along the shoreline providing a rustic-junkyard quality of beach walk which, half a mile in, is posted "Warning - Clothing Optional Beach Ahead". It was here that we witnessed the true meaning of beach bum as we stumbled naiavely along while assorted buns, lurking in the undergrowth ahead of us, were hurriedly covered. Full story here.


Rick Stone said...

You were at a clothing optional beach and you took no pictures? Or did you just decide to keep them all for yourself? ;->

Vicki and Don said...

Guess I was hoping for some pics of some nice, firm, bronze beach bums too! :-)