Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Bluewater Haven

When Frank McCloud (played by Humprhey Bogart) alighted from the bus in Key Largo during the opening scene of the film of the same name, the Overseas Highway, as US 1 is known, had been operational for less than ten years. From the early 1910's until 1935, outside of a plane or a boat, Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway was the only continuous route to Key West. The 1935 Labor Day hurricane put paid to this convenience in a heartbeat and it wasn't until 1939 or so that a continuous roadway was cobbled up from existing bridges and parts of the defunct railroad. This 127 mile, mainly two lane highway continues to have the highest accident rate per capita, in all of Florida.
Altogether, there are about 1,700 islands in the Florida Keys archipelago, divided into the Upper, Middle and Lower keys. The Saddlebunch keys are a series of mangrove islands in the Lower keys, about 7 miles east of Key West and it is here, on a tiny finger of land, that the Bluewater RV resort is located. See here for more Bluewater views. This
particular RV park has 81 total sites, all of which are owned by individuals and, at the time of our stay, almost 25% (20 sites) of these were available as resales - some at quite distressed price levels.
So much for the keys - gone from our
to-do list and is unlikely to make our do-again list. Lots of Florida tackiness with few offsetting benefits and, while lurking in the campground was both relaxing and comfortable, there was not more than two or three days of vigorous exploring within an hours drive. Been there, done that.

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