Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Isafjordur, Iceland - a day in the sun!

From Reykjavik, we headed north up the west coast of Iceland to Isafjordur which, in line with Iceland's general climate, is subject to persistent high winds and only a few clear days each year. It was apparently on its best behavior for our visit for it was warm with a light breeze and sparkling sunshine from arrival to departure.
At the extreme northwest of Iceland (about 11 o'clock on a map), Isafjordur was traditionally a fishing village but its population has fallen dramatically since the 60s, following the declining fortunes of that industry, to a current level of 2,600. Continuing efforts to bolster the economy include tourism, especially cruise ships, an annual music festival and promotion of the nature reserve on the peninsula. A clean cut and airy little town it was refreshing to enjoy the laid back atmosphere and some warmer weather. Additional images here.

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