Monday, May 22, 2017

Paamiut, Greenland - "move along, nothing to see here"

The region around the present town has been populated since 1500 BCE or thereabouts. Frederikshaab was formally organized in 1742 by the Jacob Severin Company which traded fur and whale products and was named to honor the then Crown Prince Frederick.
A climatic warming trend beginning in the 1920s brought cod fish into the local sea the town prospered from this until the last decade of the 20th century when the cod stock diminished. At that time all the residents of the Paamiut region were encouraged to move into the town, which was renamed Parrmiut, and these moves resulted in a population peak. 
Over the intervening quarter century the population has atrophied by about one third and stands currently at around 1500 but continues to fall. 
Fishing remains the central economic activity and it is augmented each fall by seal hunting when the icebergs begin to move northward along the west coast of Greenland carrying the seals with them. Check out more here.

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