Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Prince Christian Sound - a bonus with a bonus

The route from Qaqortoq to Reykjavic was scheduled to take a shortcut across the southern end of Greenland by navigating the Prince Christian Sound providing there was no pack ice along that route. The Sound is actually a fjord separating the mainland from a small archipelago that is also part of Greenland - we were not actually planning to sail over land.
No ice pack was reported, so we turned left and embarked on a 60 mile journey walled in by steep cliffs ranging up to 4,000 feet in height. Bonus #1.
Several glaciers empty into the fjord making it a significant source of icebergs. What we didn't know was that the cruise company planned to make a promotional movie involving a glacier and that was the Bonus on a Bonus - we got to enjoy the whole thing even though we realized afterwards that we had been duped into becoming unpaid extras! Following are some snaps taken along the way...
See the sights here.

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